North of Ireland hiking tour – Day 8

Drive to Teelin (40mins, 16miles) to start the cliff hike

Hike starts at Slieve League visitor centre and ascends up the Pilgrims Path to the Slieve League High Point before hiking One Mans Pass down to Bunglass Viewpoint and back to the visitor centre.

Back to Ardara after the hike

Todays hike starts in the harbour town of Teelin and takes us up the Pilgrims Path to Slieve Leagues high point at 1972ft. This path cuts into the mountains above and winds for roughly 1.5miles up through rocky, hard packed trail that can be wet under foot. During the Penal times of the 18th and 19th centurys it was illegal for Irish Catholics to practice mass so this had to be done at secret locations. Irish pilgrims used to ascend this same path to hold mass at a “Mass Rock” in the area.

Once at the summit, we follow the mountain ridge south along “One Man’s Pass”. As the name suggests, it’s only wide enough to accommodate one person (There is an alternative route for those with vertigo).

We carry on down along a well worn trail to Bunglass viewpoint, arguably the most iconic viewpoint along the whole cliffs.

After we have taken lots of pictures at Bunglass,  we take the road back down to Teelin and make a quick stop at another famous Donegal bar, The Rusty Mackerel, for a cheeky pint of the black stuff before we head back to Ardara.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hike: Takes approx 4-6hrs, 9miles distance, 2427ft elevation gain, Route type – Circular, Hiking on tarmac and gravel trail with boggy patches in places. Total drive time 1hr 20mins.